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Latest Fishing News for Wisconsin and the Western U.P. of Michigan


submitted by Steve White, E-mail, Web Site

There has been some discussion about black spots on area fish. I have also gotten several e-mails on this as well. Not knowing the big scoop on it, set out to find all the info on it. So here it is.  

After talking to our area fish supervisor and doing some net searching found out some interesting stuff.
The black spots are called Neascus. They are a type of tapeworm found in all fish world wide. Infection cycles can come and go in lakes. The black spots are a result of white blood cells migrating to the area of infection encapsulating the parasite. The cycle consists of snails, fish , and fish eating birds mostly the blue heron. The heron eats the fish were the parasites hatch their eggs within the intestines and are defecated into the water. They then seek out snails were they mature and enter the water attaching to fish completing the cycle. As we have said, these are not infectious to humans. Even if we were to eat the fish raw they cannot infect humans. proper cooking of the meat destroys them completely. This is also the case for the little white parasite that is sometimes found in the meat.
What we can see is what tends to gross us out, and makes us think the fish are bad to eat. It is actually the stuff we cannot see that can, and will harm us if consumed the wrong way. Kinda of like the way eating old sushi makes us sick.
We are all now a little more educated, and can fish our lakes without these concerns.

The 2006 World Championship Musky Classic is in the books.  Click here for complete information.

(Click here for larger image)
2006 Winners!

The 2006 Turtle Flambeau Flowage Walleye Tournament is in the books.  Click here for more info and photos.

7-16-06 Jim Cheshire's 29" Walleye caught off a rock bar in 30' of water on an 1/8 oz jig and crawler.  The fish fought for 10 minutes before it came into view.  With a 95 degree air temperature, it was finally exhausted once it hit the surface and was not able to be released.

ICE WARNING!!  Here is the corrected link for the ice safety video!!  WATCH IT!!!

The Salmon, Kings, Coho are others, are hitting in southeastern Wisconsin on the big water of Lake Michigan at the mouths of many rivers and harbors.  Go to individual guide reports and the FORUM to find out more.  Jimmy and Dennis drove from the northwoods to where the salmon were hitting and had good success.

2005 WCMC Winners

September 9, 10, & 11, 2005
29th Annual WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MUSKY CLASSIC is in the books and was a tremendous success.  For more info and pictures, go to wcmuskyclassic.com

Justin Swinsky and Kurt Stegemiller show off one of the numerous fish they caught during the Discovery Center's Fishermentor Day on Wednesday, July 27th.in Manitowish Waters.  Justin and Kurt caught a bevy of Bluegill, Crappie, and Perch on Clear Lake, a  part of the Manitowish Chain.  Click here for more photos of the participants and the following fish fry.  The program is sponsored by Team Retreat of Presque Isle and is set up to provide youth, ages 7 - 13, an opportunity to learn from an experienced guide or fisherman. 

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