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Tough Days

Hi Folks this is Tommy's Fishing Adventures in Minocqua.

Well the fishing the last couple of days has been tough.  My clients and I had a tough time boating fish yesterday.  We managed only 8 small Walleyes and one Smallmouth Bass and a few panfish.  We fished 3 different lakes and numerous spots on each one.  We were jigging with leeches and the fish just wouldn't bite.  Now this is not a typical day be any means.  The fishing has been fairly  good, and as the water starts to cool down, I expect fishing to get better and better. 

Hey sometimes even us Guides have a tough day and you can bet I'll be out tomorrow fishing even harder than I did the day before.  Now your best bet on some of these tough days is to  be mobile and versatile.  Move quickly from spot to spot and even lake to lake.  Bring a wide variety of artificial and live bait.  Also try different depths and different presentations.

Another good idea this time of year is to try and fish some of the bigger lakes with clearer water.  Most of the small to medium sized lakes in our area are real green and have less than a foot of visibility.  Now these lakes can still produce, but I find that clearer water lakes will consistently have better action on them.

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