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Fall Fishing

Hi Folks this is Guide Dave Pucci.  

Well with hunting season opening here in Northern Wisconsin many fisherman have left the lakes.  Most lakes in the area have few fishermen on them, and that means great fishing for the rest of us.  While fishing this time of the year you usually won't catch the numbers of fish you do in the Spring and Summer, but the opportunity for big fish , of all species is definitely there.  Big fish that spend the Summer months suspended in deep water tend to move shallower and go on feeding binges before the lakes freeze.

Bass and Walleyes are two of the prime fish to target this time of year.  Smallmouth Bass are just reaching their peak weight of the year right now.  Look  for Smally's on the remaining coontail weed edges and on any rock bars with adjacent deep water.  Large redtail chubs are the prime bait for both Walleyes and Smallmouth this time of year.

Now the number one gamefish this time of year is the Musky.  Everyone who Musky fishes, knows the fall fishing is the best time of year to land that trophy Musky.  Start throwing big jerkbaits and crankbaits along weed lines, rocks and even sand bars with steep drop offs.  The key to finding big Musky's in the fall is locating baitfish.  Perch, Smelt and ciscoes are three of the prime forage fish for Musky's.  Locate schools of these bait fish and you'll find big Musky's.

This is Guide Dave Pucci wishing you good luck and good fishing.

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