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Lake DuBay, Wisconsin, Marathon County, Fishing Guide Reports & Conditions

Central Wisconsin, Marathon County fishing.


Musky opener is finally here are you ready!!! With the 2011 Northern Wisconsin musky opener this weekend many anglers will be heading to their favorite bodies of water to try their luck at catching the elusive musky. Water temperatures have remained in the mid to upper 50’s so far this spring and that means that the muskies are a few weeks behind schedule. With that said look for them to be holding up very shallow in less than 3 feet of water. Small spinner baits and bucktails will be your best bet along with 6 inch twitch baits like Bucher Shallow Raiders, Tyrrants, and Jakes. Work these lures along shoreline areas and in shallow bays with any wood or newly emerging weeds. Don’t rule out top water baits either as I have seen quite a few nice muskies on opening weekend take a crack at a menacing top water lure that just seemed irresistible to them. Oh, and don’t be surprised if you get a smack form a big northern either as there are plenty of them holding out in the same general areas as the muskies are right now! The smallmouth bass action has been outstanding this past week and some very big fish have been caught up to 21+ inches. Look for these aerobic fighters to be holding tight to shoreline structure and around any submerged wood in less than 4 feet of water. Chug Bugs and Heddon Torpedoes will work on top and a jig and pig or a small crankbait on the bottom. Either of these presentations will draw aggressive bronze backs from their structure and create an attack that you will remember for a very long time. These hard hitting, strong fighting fish will give anyone from 2 to102 the fishing trip of a lifetime. Crappies and panfish have really been the bread and butter of the fisherman this past week. Along with the outstanding smallmouth action that we have been having anglers looking to catch a few fish to take home have been able to easily catch enough of these tasty panfish to have a nice meal. The crappies have been holding in less than 3 feet of water and for the most part any submerged wood or shoreline reeds have been literally infested with them. Small minnows set about one foot under a bobber or Cubby Mini Mites rigged the same way will pull these feisty slabs from cover and to your awaiting net. Don’t try to pull these slabs from the water and swing them into the boat once you have them hooked because of their weight and paper thin mouths they will tear free and will be gone forever. The bluegills are starting to move in and I have been catching quite a few nice bull nosed gills right up in water as shallow as 6 inches. Look for shoreline brush or weeds along with any wood in less than 3 feet of water. These areas are bluegill magnets. A hook and worm under a bobber is all you need to catch bluegills but an experienced angler can try tiny spinners or mini cranks to target the larger ones. Walleyes, walleyes, walleyes… Most of the time you stop hearing about walleyes at this time of the year as they are post spawn and usually quite lethargic. Many anglers are out targeting muskies, panfish or bass but you may be overlooking some of the best walleye fishing of the year. These fish have spawned and moved off to summer haunts and can easily be taken by working a jig and minnow or a jig and crawler. Right now the walleyes are holding in a variety of depths of water along rocky shoreline structure and wood. To get these generally night time feeders to eat you need to drop your presentation right in front of their nose. A properly place cast in and around structure will almost always get a reaction from a feeding walleye. Early morning hours and evening hours are the best on most bodies of water but these fish can also be taken from the stained waters of the Wisconsin River and its backwater areas during mid day hours. Good Luck and have a great week. Phil Schweik Licensed Wisconsin Hunting & Fishing Guide Hooksetters Guide Service; www.hooksetters.biz Ruttnut Guide Service: www.ruttnut.com Phone: 715-581-2620
Phil Schweik <pschweik@dwave.net>
- Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at 09:20:22 (PDT)

after looking forward to the great crappie bite another cold front front bashed through the area and dropped lake temps down up to 10 degs in 2 days. right now you have to find green weeds to find fish. they are still biting but some of the lightest bites i've experienced in a while. we caught our limit of walleyes on a local flowage in a couple of hours but had to use EXTREME patience to hook them. use smaller minnows for all species and be patient, the crappie bite will come soon. for cast is for stable weather, coll, but stable and thats all we want, eh.

Hey, don't forget to take a kid fishing and HAVE FUN!
Jeff Bolander, also known as 'How' of Dewey, Catchem and How at www.deweycatchemandhow.com
Check out my Real Estate website at www.jeffbolander.com
and my Up North fishing and resort web sites at www.upnorth.info.
jeff bolander <jeff@upnorth.info>
- Monday, May 23, 2011 at 21:50:09 (PDT)
Fishing is very good in the Wausau/Central Wisconsin area, and with warmer weather on the horizon, the action will only continue to get better! Great time of year to get out on the ice. The walleye bite has truly been "on fire" in the Wausau/Central Wisconsin area. Anglers are catching and releasing many slot fish (20-28 inches). The walleyes are still associating with various structural elements including sunken wood and green weeds. The best depths for the walleyes has been from 5-15 feet, with the presentation of choice being tip-ups baited with shiners or sucker minnows. The night bite is still going strong with anglers catching fish in water as shallow as three feet. In addition, anglers jigging for walleyes are still reporting good success, including bonus perch being caught. Northern action remains strong in the Wausau/Central Wisconsin area with most anglers reporting fish being taken in 4-12 feet of water associated with remaining green weeds. Tip-ups with large shiners or golden shiner are producing fish up to 38 inches, with the chance of these 'gators reaching or exceeding the magic 40 inch mark. Remember, the best northern ice fishing of the season is yet to come as late February into March are trophy northern time in the Wausau/Central Wisconsin area. Bluegill action continues strong, with fish currently relating to the remaining green weeds, both amongst the largest clumps and along edges. Good limits of nice sized gills including some real "bulls" are being caught, with anglers having their best luck with live bait ­ mousies, waxies and spikes. Anglers in the Wausau/Central Wisconsin area are finding that the perch bite is starting to pick up with good limits of nice sized perch being found associated with mud flats. Anglers that stay mobile and can locate these schools are doing very well using wigglers and small tear drop jigs or smaller Swedish Pimples. The crappie bite in the Wausau/Central Wisconsin area, while sporadic at times, has continued to provide good sized slabs for anglers who are willing to drill plenty of holes and remain mobile. Early morning and dusk have been the most productive times, with anglers utilizing their electronics to locate schools of fish suspended over the deeper water of holes and main area basins. Small minnows on tip-downs seem to be producing the most consistently, although jigging amongst your set of tip-downs will draw strikes quickly from aggressive fish. And remember, the walleye, northern, and bass seasons on most of the waters in the Wausau/Central Wisconsin area REMAIN OPEN throughout the year; and unlike so many lakes further north that have daily walleye bag limits of two or three fish, the walleye bag limit on most of the waters of the Wausau/Central Wisconsin area remains at FIVE (5) fish. http://www.wisconsinanglingadventures.com
Todd Bohm <info@wisconsinanglingadventures.com>
- Monday, February 23, 2009 at 16:27:16 (PST)

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