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Fishing Lake Maps
of Iron County
in Northern Wisconsin

Lake Name(s) County Area Max Depth Location WBIC Region
Bearskull Lake Iron 77 26 T41N R03E S26 NE SE 2265100 NO
Boot Lake Iron 180 16 T41N R03E S16 NW NW 2297800 NO
Caroline Lake Ashland/Iron 130 8 T44N R02W S25 NW NE 2938000 NO
Cedar Lake Iron 193 21 T43N R04W S13 NW NW 2309700 NO
Cranberry Lake Iron 12 47 T44N R04E S15 SE NE 2759100 NO
Crystal Lake Iron 95 46 T43N R03E S34 SW NW 1842500 NO
Echo Lake Iron 220 25 T43N R03E S24 SE SW 2301800 NO
Fisher Lake Iron 452 25 T44N R04E S34 NW SE 2307300 NO
French Lake Iron 92 16 T41N R03E S17 SW NW 1849600 NO
Frog Lake Iron 42 45 T42N R04E S16 SW NW 1849700 NO
Grand Portage Lake (Tank Lake) Iron 144 33 T43N R03E S36 NE NE 2314100 NO
Hay Lake Iron/Ashland/Price 103 6 T40N R01E S01 SE NE 2259400 NO
Hewitt Lake Iron 78 88 T44N R04E S15 NW NE 2763300 NO
Island Lake Iron 352 17 T44N R02W S19 SE NW 2945500 NO
Lake of the Falls Iron 338 23 T42N R03E S06 SW NE 2298300 NO
Lake Six Iron 147 11 T43N R02E S06 SE SE 2294500 NO
Little Pike Lake Iron 98 20 T42N R03E S02 SW SW 2313100 NO
Long Lake Iron 373 30 T44N R04E S32 SW SW 2303500 NO
Martha Lake Iron 146 55 T43N R04E S30 NE SE 2314300 NO
McDermott Lake Iron 84 19 T41N R03E S30 SW SE 2296500 NO
Mercer Lake Iron 184 24 T43N R03E S35 SW SE 2313600 NO
Moose Lake Iron 269 12 T43N R02E S02 SW SW 2299300 NO
Owl Lake Iron 129 49 T44N R04E S22 SE NE 2307600 NO
Payment Lake Iron 66 17 T43N R04E S21 NW SW 1872700 NO
Pike Lake Iron 194 80 T43N R03E S28 SW SE 2299900 NO
Pine Lake Iron 312 34 T44N R03E S29 NE NW 2949200 NO
Randall Lake Iron 115 12 T41N R04E S17 SW NE 2318500 NO
Rice Lake Iron 125 21 T43N R03E S26 NE NE 2300600 NO
Sandy Beach Lake Iron 111 13 T42N R04E S22 NE SE 2316100 NO
Six, Lake Iron 147 11 T43N R02E S06 SE SE 2294500 NO
Spider Lake (Whispering Pines Lake) Iron 352 49 T43N R04E S07 SE SE 2306300 NO
Trude Lake Iron 781 48 T42N R02E S13 NE SE 2295200 NO
Turtle-Flambeau Flowage Iron 13,545 50 T42N R02E S34 SE SE 2294900 NO
Upson Lake Iron 46 17 T45N R01W S12 SE NW 2908500 NO
Weber Lake Iron 61 39 T45N R01E S05 SE NW 2909000 NO
Wilson Lake Iron 162 21 T42N R03E S16 SE SE 2297000 NO

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